Young Hunters (3' / 3'3" / 3'6")

Young Hunter age restrictions are defined as:

  • Young Hunter 3’0” – horses five years of age and under
  • Young Hunter 3’3” – horses six years of age and under
  • Young Hunter 3’6” – horses seven years of age and under
1Pop Style Shannon Wilson10426.551477.5
2Just Because Kathy Nolan4223223
3Arnold PalmerRiley Benvenuti3156156
4EAST CLIFFNicole Dicorti Bush2124124
5Atlanta De RosierSusan Crenshaw3109109
6All The TalkJoey Pedroni28888
7Quo VadisJamie Cheney26666
8ReminiscentJESSICA ALLAN16464
9XL ACTIONBetsy Christianson15656
10Ask AnyoneKylee Arbuckle14242
11EAST CLIFFElla Halliday12121
12Amara ZMegan Schoellhamer11414

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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