Performance Hunters (3'3" / 3'6" / 3'9")

1LulavaniSami Milo36110658225
2ArgentoKylee Arbuckle2053118171
3WhimsyTarrone Seaton207842120
4FancifulJessica ALLAN17676
5Ask AnyoneKylee Arbuckle107575
6DONNATEKelly Van Vleck22038.558.5
7Zieta ZJessica ALLAN15757
8Cobalt Blue RKylee Arbuckle1056.556.5
9LandilloKylee Arbuckle1055.555.5
10Bees KneesCarol Wright2033.521.555
11CasualDezraye Choi/ CSH Sporthorses LLC14949
12Call It KarmaJessica ALLAN14949
13DisaronnoTarrone Seaton104848
14TattersallDanae Evrigenis2032.51143.5
15Cappo 7Kelly Van Vleck28.52836.5
16CHICAGOCarol Wright103535
17BallybayDanae Evrigenis103232
18CasablancaKelly Maddox1031.531.5
19King of HeartsAvery Glynn102525
20QuintessentialJamie Cheney102424
21Fortune CookieCorrie Busalacchi101717
22QuintayaJamie Cheney1015.515.5
23NOW OR NEVERilana halpern101010
24Arnold PalmerAimee Hanson177

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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