Childs Pony Hunters

Year end awards sponsored by

1Happy CamperCorinne Gill73699776542
2Gold Hills MarqueePaloma Primavera4230230
3Candy CrushDaphne Gretton367.56244173.5
4STREET SMARTSAddison Cheney4164.5164.5
5Raggedy AnnMaya Cogan413718155
6Vintage Oak In DemandRiley Hayes4144144
7HopewellLily Park3119119
8Loose ButtonsLily Park25660116
9KUNG FU PANDACamilla Jerng2111.5111.5
10Diamonds DelightSophie George28686
11Alexander the GreatParker Piombo105656
12FauntiHannah Baker105252
13TI AMOEmily Anne Pasha-Maxstadt14848
14Stoneledge Prince CharmingOlivia Blake11616

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

Thank you sponsors!