Large Pony Hunters

Year end awards sponsored by

Headlands Management

Sally Hudson
Monterey, CA

Official NorCal Standings

PlaceHorseRider# ShowsPriorSRSSSC1SSC2PPWCPPSCTotal
1Mulroy LadAudrey Gill349.052.082.0183.0
2Luxury RideAbigail Robinson2120.0120.0
3Rose All DayMakena Inouya293.093.0
4Woodlands HopeRebekah Fertel10.055.555.5
5GE Golden CoppersSaoirse Fannon10.042.042.0
6Magic SlippersAddison Cheney10.041.041.0
7Over the MoonRyley Kleber130.030.0
1MULROY LADAudrey Gill106363
2Luxury RideAbigail Robinson 15757
3Woodlands HopeRebekah Fertel1055.555.5
4Rose All DayMakena Inouye15151
5Over the MoonRyley Kleber13030

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

Thank you sponsors!