Short/Long Stirrup

1BELLINI SKaya Louie2033152185
2ALL INMaron Leslie3389117164
3STARSTRUCK WONDERKaetlyn Paulson39833131
4MAGIC SLIPPERSFelicity Cheney108888
5ORCHARD HILL'S MAKE A WISHKaetlyn Paulson108787
6DELANCEYLillian Blomeyer1086.586.5
7AspenhainKristie Cohen-Galyean2041.54586.5
8HARDLY STRICTLYClara Blomeyer107777
9INVINCIBLUESterling Sennhenn1067.567.5
11Fabio HiedorOlivia McCoy13838
12EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMONDGeorgia Driggs 101313
13Arnold PalmerJennifer Kyle101111

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

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