Junior Hunters (3'3'')

Riders must not have reached their 18th birthday as of December 1 of the current competition year.

Official NorCal Standings

PlaceHorseRider# ShowsPriorSIVC1PPSCSISIWWTotal
1Escudo IIIBlair Conlan248210258
2Shadow Spirit Alexa Leong10168168
3Sweeps Crystal CruiseValentina Lehner10152152
4LewinskiAlexandra Thompson10146146
5How NiceZoey Dupzyk10114114
6Louis Le BonRachel Rosenblum2106106
7Holy SmokesNoah Nelson109292
8Kullen CBlair Conlan26868
9FortisimoAva Pollioni26565
10Carpaccio ZLaynie Sheehan1050.550.5
11OdysseusNoah Nelson104848
12CaldatoElla Nichols14545
13KensingtonAlyssa Whitaker143.543.5
14CapoutchiKendall Costello102828
1ESCUDO IIIBlair Conlan248210258
2Cipriani Sophia Sanders3215215
3Shadow SpiritAlexa Leong10168168
4Sweeps Crystal CruiseValentina Lehner10152152
5LewinskiAlexandra Thompson10146146
6How NiceZoe Dupzyk10114114
7Louis Le BonRachel Rosenblum2106106
8CARPACCIO ZLaynie Sheehan25550.5105.5
9Holy SmokesNoah Nelson109292
10KULLEN CBlair Conlan26868
11FortisimoAva Pollioni26565
12STEEL MAGNOLIASSarah Taylor153.553.5
13OdysseusNoah Nelson104848
14CaldatoElla Nichols14545
15KensingtonAlyssa Whitaker143.543.5
16Memory CardMisa Kokka2172542
17CAPOUTCHIKendall Castelo102828

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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