Junior Hunters (3'3'')

Riders must not have reached their 18th birthday as of December 1 of the current competition year.

Official NorCal Standings

PlaceHorseRider# ShowsPriorPPWCPPSCWSPWSCRIMTotal
1Conrad 80Charlotte Rohlen2062.572134.5
2BentleyGrayson Smith 2132.0132.0
3IRON MAIDENQuinn Durbin 1120.0120.0
4PeridotElizabeth Church356.044.0100.0
5Carpaccio ZLaynie Sheehan10.097.097.0
6Sherlock HolmesOlivia Simon20.039.055.594.5
7Fred AstaireEmily Anne Pasha10.067.067.0
8BEFOREANYTHINGELSECarmen Gonzalez 165.065.0
9CatiraKate Olsen10.059.059.0
10Call it KarmaAbigail Boyer10.054.554.5
11Cruisin'Valentina Lehner 150.050.0
12Navarre WTFMarci Winter10.08.08.0
1BentleyGrayson Smith41322974.5235.5
2CorVisionMakenna Nastri4042.558.563.521.5186
3Conrad 80Charlotte Rohlen2134.5134.5
4PERIDOTElizabeth Church410032132
5BEFOREANYTHINGELSECarmen Gonzalez26562127
6IRON MAIDENQuinn Durbin2120120
7CalvalinoRyley Ferguson4115.5115.5
8CATIRAKate Olsen25941100
9CARPACCIO ZLaynie Sheehan19797
10OdysseusNoah Nelson33263.595.5
11SHERLOCK HOLMESOlivia Simon294.594.5
12EMIRLauren Little /Little Brook Llc109494
13Assoumont de RevilleLeila Diab1069.569.5
14FRED ASTAIREEmily Anne Pasha16767
15CONFIDENTIALJuliette Vogel1063.563.5
16Call It KarmaAbigail Boyer154.554.5
17Cruisin'Valentina Lehner15050
18XL EMERALD ISLEPresley Orzen104848
19SURF'S UPLauren Little /Little Brook Llc104545
20BELGRAVIALauren Little /Little Brook Llc1042.542.5
21Holy SmokesNoah Nelson23636
22HAVELLY DNatalie Curtis102020
23NAVARRE WTFMarci Winter28816
24LORELEIMegan Burson101212

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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