Junior Hunters (3'3'')

Riders must not have reached their 18th birthday as of December 1 of the current competition year.

Official NorCal Standings

PlaceHorseRider# ShowsPriorNWC INWC IIPPWCPPSCTotal
1HUSTLEREmma Wright 3058.549.066.0173.5
2MauiAddison Cheney2065.072.0137.0
3BeforeanythingelseCarmen Gonzalez1085.085.0
4BlueprintFiona Clark106969.0
5Ritmo ZapotecoMadeline Molls105151.0
6Shady Blue PSRiley Delaney104646.0
7Memory CardMariko Kokka104545.0
8SimpaticoAva Basch102828.0
PlaceHorseRiderShowsPriorNWC INWC IIPPWCPPSCTotal
1HUSTLEREmma Wright3058.54966173.5
2MauiAddison Cheney206572137
3BEFOREANYTHINGELSECarmen Gonzalez108585
4BLUEPRINTFiona Clark106969
5Camera ReadyElizabeth Church1058.558.5
6RITMO ZAPOTECO Madeline Molls105151
7SHADY BLUE PSRiley Delaney104646
8Memory CardMariko Kokka104545
9SimpaticoAva Basch102828

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

Thank you sponsors!