Junior Hunters (3'3'')

Year end awards sponsored by

Jill Hamilton & Nancy Thomas
Woodside, CA

Riders must not have reached their 18th birthday as of December 1 of the current competition year.

Official NorCal Standings

1STAR ATTRACTIONGabriella Matteucci (show age 17) DOB 2001-05-065250.5084.5335.00
2Confetti ZMichelle Mercogliano (show age 16) DOB 2002-03-295263.5042305.50
3CARPACCIO ZLaynie Sheehan (show age 15) DOB 2003-11-014165.006656287.00
4Ever SoMaile Smith (show age 13) DOB 2005-07-1830.008967.555211.50
5SinclairAshley Penner (show age 14) DOB 2004-07-053201.00201.00
6WhimsySamantha Finnegan (show age 16) DOB 2002-03-063199.00199.00
7CasablancaKiera Hennigan (show age 17) DOB 2001-04-145133.0051.5184.50
8PIKASSOAlly Dickson (show age 17) DOB 2001-08-192153.00153.00
9Call It KarmaAbigail Boyer39637133.00
10Unbreakable ZMaile Smith (show age 13) DOB 2005-07-1820.006845.5113.50
11CAPOUTCHIKendall Wright Castelo (show age 14) DOB 2004-07-30249.5048.598.00
12Cobalt Blue RClara Bonomi (show age 14) DOB 2004-06-1210.009191.00
13CHURCHILLSydney Goldwyn (show age 16) DOB 2002-11-1710.0068.568.50
14Bees KneesOlivia Williams (show age 14) DOB 2004-04-02166.0066.00
15PARTY HATGianna Brocchini (show age 17) DOB 2001-10-06162.0062.00
16FancifulJayme Jenkins (show age 17) DOB 2001-11-09161.0061.00
17Harvard GradAvery Lambert (show age 14) DOB 2004-02-27159.0059.00
18GONE WITH THE WINDHailey Klaff (show age 16) DOB 2002-05-2310.004848.00
19OscuroOlivia Carusi (show age 17) DOB 2001-05-08144.0044.00
20LOUIS VUITTONSydney Shelby (show age 16) DOB 2002-02-08125.0025.00
1STAR ATTRACTIONGabriella Matteucci5335335
2Confetti ZMichelle Mercogliano5305.5305.5
3CARPACCIO ZLaynie Sheehan41656656287
4Ever SoMaile Smith38967.555211.5
5SinclairAshley Penner3201201
6WhimsySamantha Finnegan3199199
7CasablancaKiera Hennigan513351.5184.5
8Memory CardMisa Kokka414415159
9PIKASSOAlly Dickson2153153
10Call It KarmaAbigail Boyer39637133
11Double BlindAva Lakey510122123
12Unbreakable ZMaile Smith206845.5113.5
13CAPOUTCHIKendall Wright Castelo249.548.598
14Cipriani Sophia Sanders39393
15Cobalt Blue RClara Bonomi19191
16WodanAlli Christy490.590.5
17Cavito 2Emma Borders458.513.572
18CHURCHILLSydney Goldwyn1068.568.5
19Bees KneesOlivia Williams16666
20PARTY HATGianna Brocchini16262
21FancifulJayme Jenkins16161
22Harvard GradAvery Lambert15959
24GONE WITH THE WINDHailey Klaff104848
25Oscuro Olivia Carusi14444
26LOUIS VUITTONSydney Shelby12525
27Calendar GirlAvery Kalafatas102222
28ConcargoAva Lakey177

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

Thank you sponsors!