Amateur Owner Hunters (3’3”)

Year end awards sponsored by

Hunterville - In Memory of Denise Romani

Penryn, CA

Horses to be ridden by Amateur Owners or an amateur member of the owner’s family. In either case classes are restricted to riders who are no longer eligible to compete as junior exhibitors. Leased horses are not eligible and multiple ownership is not permitted unless all owners are members of the same family.

1TattersallDanae Evrigenis6437.5437.5
2Amara ZMegan Schoellhamer7406406
3Just Because Kathy Nolan5304.5304.5
4BallybayDanae Evrigenis4193.5193.5
5VeznaKaren Landau3174174
6Guest ListJessie Biglow/Biglow Farms3161161
7fashion forwardJessie Biglow/Biglow Farms3121121
8LandilloDeborah Symmes2109109
9RavenswoodLisa Wu2109109
10Conrad 80Molly Pedulla2107107
11AustraliaLauren Wasserman278.578.5
12RumorAngela Pommer24949
13Qudento VDLEmma Townsend145.545.5
14Cappo 7Kassy Perry13838
15NeroTaryn Clancy12323
16CACHAREL L ZBetsy Christianson11616
17ZILVERENKristin Hay11616
18Fortune CookieJudy Mannina11616

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

Thank you sponsors!