Junior Hunters (3'6")

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Official NorCal Standings

1CiprianiSophia Sanders (show age 16) DOB 2002-05-08456.5522470202.5
2Memory CardMisa Kokka (show age 16) DOB 2002-06-1839054144
3Cavito 2Emma Borders (show age 14) DOB 2004-09-152064.573137.5
4Double BlindAva Lakey (show age 16) DOB 2002-03-10494.534128.5
5King of HeartsAvery Glynn (show age 13) DOB 2005-02-0118585
6WodanAlli Christy20264066
7BEFOREANYTHINGELSEElisa Broz (show age 14) DOB 2004-09-17105656
8Cobalt Blue RClara Bonomi (show age 14) DOB 2004-06-12149.549.5
9ArgentoAvery Glynn (show age 13) DOB 2005-02-01147.547.5
10ConcargoAva Lakey (show age 16) DOB 2002-03-10223.523.5
1Cipriani Sophia Sanders256.553109.5
2Cavito 2Emma Borders205149100
3King of HeartsAvery Glynn18585
4Double BlindAva Lakey276.576.5
5Cobalt Blue RClara Bonomi149.549.5
6ArgentoAvery Glynn147.547.5
7ConcargoAva Lakey116.516.5

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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