Low Childrens Jumpers

Eligibility: To be ridden by exhibitors who have not reached their 18th birthday by December 1 of the current competition year. Open to horses and ponies.

Cross Entry: Riders may not compete in any other class at the same competition where fences exceed 1.15m (3’9”) except the USEF Talent Search Class. Horses may show at 1.40m (4’7”) or below with another rider.

Height of Fences: To be set at .90m (2’11”) to 1.00m (3’3”)

Combining/Dividing Sections: If there are fewer than 3 entries in any section, the sections may be combined at management’s discretion allowing each section to compete at their respective height. If sections are combined a horse can only compete at one height in each class.

Starting in 2018

1CYON ZOlivia Breach2026164190
2DORINAOlivia Breach10174174
3SANDETTOOlivia Breach10138138
4NZ ROULETTEElizabeth Church2101.5101.5
5CalibroGianna Milo390.590.5
6CARSINO ZMason Milo261.561.5
7DashMustafa Shah141.541.5
8TAMAGUCCIGrace Briskey104040
9Gentle DConstanza Zamani13333
10MarvelousNel Clayton-Stankowski13232
11Tina TurnerValentina Varela102323
12Brume du JoretSadie Willoughby11919
13LAMBORGHININatalie Curtis11818

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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