Pony Equitation

Year end awards sponsored by

1Grace Naclerio4702139130
2Kyra Grimm37547122
3Victoria Clark449.53529113.5
4Riley Hayes26666
5Talise Baker-Matsuoka230.53161.5
6Paloma Primavera23939
7Valentina Lehner23838
8Daphne Gretton237.537.5
9Camilla Jerng103737
10Mason Milo12929
11Scarlett Wallis327.527.5
12Aahana Vasudeva102323
13Addison Cheney11717
14Piper Janus21414
15Rachel Rosenblum11414
16Maya Cogan11212
17Karly Jackson177
18Avery Myers177

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

Thank you sponsors!