Hunter Bonus

The NorCal Hunter Incentive Program tracks leading horses in many divisions, and rewards them at the end of the year with a special gift.

Points from the horse/pony’s BEST 5 NorCal SHOWS in the 2016 season will be tabulated by NorCal. Points will be computed in the same format as for NorCal year-end awards. Each horse, pony, owner, trainer and rider MUST be members of NorCal.

For points to count, each horse/pony must be recorded with NorCal and registered in the program @ $50 per division. Points will be counted from the date the nomination is recieved online. Points will NOT be tabulated retro-actively.

In the event a horse/pony is sold you can re-nominate with a new owner or rider and start accumulating new points. Points cannot carry over from previous owner/rider.

AWARD CHECKS will be presented at the annual NorCal Awards Banquet in January.


$50 per horse/pony per division nominated. Each $50 nominating fee will be added to the appropriate division to which the horse/pony is nominated. For example, if 20 horses are nominated to the A/A Hunter Division, total prize money will be $1,500 (20 x $50 + $500).

Horses/Ponies may be nominated for a maximum of two divisions and you must declare the rider at the time of the nomination. Only one rider per horse per division will be allowed (with the exception of 1st Year Green, 2nd Year Green and High Performance Hunters).



  • First Place (60% of total money) 60% to the owner - 40% to the trainer
  • Second Place (40% of total money) 60% to the owner 40% to the trainer

If there is a tie, the division prize money will be divided equally among the tied horses, otherwise awards will be to first
and second place only.

Thank you sponsors!