Jumper Awards

NorCal offers a cash award to the top 3 money-winning riders and horses in jumper classes held at NorCal approved shows.

NorCal will offer a cash award to be divided 70%-20%-10% to the top three money-winning riders in jumper classes at NorCal approved shows during the year. The awards will be computed based upon money won by members on recorded horses in any jumper class offering prize money at any NorCal sanctioned show. If a rider competes on more than one horse in a class, only the money won on his/her highest place horse will count. 

Current standings are listed below.

2016 NorCal Leading Jumper Rider

Kevin Winkel210500------10500
Robert Blanchette56000---600700300010300
Lindsay Archer17350------7350
Sophie Verges30--50016753550-5725
Macella O'Neill4990---750150023255565
Katherine Brewer3750---23251250-4325
Harley Brown32050--1125---3175
Jan Humphrey2750-----22503000
Sarah Baz31500---1000375-2875
Julia Nagler12375------2375

2016 NorCal Leading Jumper Horse

Corleone E3750---23251250-4325
Asticot Des Templiers43000---600700-4300
Danny Le Grey4990---82515005003815

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