NorCal Spruce Meadows Team Program

Dear NorCal Members,

First, I want to take one more opportunity to congratulate the 2015 NorCal Spruce Meadows teams on their tremendous accomplishments in Canada this summer.

Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult to gather enough participants and sponsors for this wonderful program. For 2015, we were able to field only one and a half teams. For that reason, the Board of the Association has decided to put the Spruce Meadows program on hiatus for 2016.

To ensure that NorCal Hunter Jumper Association is able to give the maximum benefit to the broadest range of our membership, the Board will be sending notices out to show managers for proposals on team competitions within Zone 10 but outside NorCal borders. Our rationale for this is to provide a program for members to gain valuable experience outside our borders by helping to offset the travel costs to competitions that may otherwise be a financial stretch. Managers of shows within NorCal’s borders will be asked to submit proposals for qualifying classes in their competition calendars. In this way, we hope to promote participation in jumper divisions for our NorCal show managers throughout the year.

The suggestion box for 2016 is wide open. All members are welcome to give input on how you would like to see a team competition program for jumpers to be constructed. To send a suggestion to the Board for consideration at the next meeting, please email before October 1. The Board will discuss all suggestions before sending requests for proposals out to show managers.

Thank you for your continued support of our wonderful sport in Northern California.

Ride well. Have fun!

Cindi “Shorty” Perez

NorCal Spruce Meadows teams have been formed

Congratulations to all 2015 team members and good luck at Spruce Meadows!

Thank you to all our 2015 sponsors!

Do you have photos you’d like to see posted and/or used in the year-end slide show?  Please send them to


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    The Wendy Nissen Memorial Trophy will be offered again this year. Please help Wendy’s friends honor her spirit by submitting a story to NorCal nominating someone in the horse community who you feel has practiced a Random Act of Kindness and Senseless Act of Beauty for you or someone else. For example: A braider who walked your colicing horse all night; a groom who rescued your horse who was cast in a stall; someone who stopped by to help you on the side of the road; any story of a person who has done something extraordinary for you or someone else. Your story will be reviewed by the NorCal Board and Sue Lightner. They will vote on the most deserving recipient. The winning story will be read and the award will be presented at the NorCal banquet.

    Please submit letters to Jeanette Gilbert at


    P.O. BOX 7090 COTATI, CA 94931