Equitation, Riders 12 - 14

These points may not be accurate yet, please hold your horses until we sort out our numbers!

1Blair Conlan4122.5194316.5
2Carmen Gonzalez5164.5118282.5
3Kylie Balunis219.5122141.5
4Katie Durban2032105137
5Mara Mihanovic38054134
6Madilynn Lo Porto36853121
7Talise Baker-Matsuoka3303654120
8Karsen Kadien10111111
9Ella Marrufo10111111
10Natalie Curtis245.55196.5
11Savannah Santens105858
12Mariko Kokka21441.555.5
13Riley Hayes105454
14Madeleine Kielty Allen105151
15Kylie Vermette239.539.5
16Grace Naclerio1039.539.5
17Noah Nelson103737
18Georgia Yewell13636
19Sophia Kivman13434
20Evie Nichols132.532.5
21Camryn Rodriguez12222
22Bobby Malmrose101414
23Emilie Bell/ Cloche Farms LLC11212
24Paloma Primavera101111
25Sanya Shah19.59.5
26Caitlin Cook109.59.5

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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