Equitation, Riders 12 - 14

Year end awards sponsored by

These points may not be accurate yet, please hold your horses until we sort out our numbers!

1Ryley Ferguson615712.513182.5
2Emilie Bell/ Cloche Farms LLC5116.53221169.5
3Gracey Hensley424563332145
4Olivia Simon30334349125
5Sydney Allen4603227.5119.5
6Sadie Willoughby59127.5118.5
7Elisa Broz2106106
8Blair Conlan4301436.524104.5
9Talise Baker-Matsuoka3573794
10Quinn Durbin334.5509.594
11Ashley Young36212.574.5
12Alice Baker26767
13Carmen Gonzalez333.52962.5
14Elizabeth Church24713.560.5
15Sydney Kleber2263157
16Zoe Dupzyk20311849
17Danielle Vahdat246.546.5
18Emma Borders14444
19Zoe Brown14040
20Georgia Yewell20162339
21Grace Naclerio103535
22Charlotte Pinegar 103232
23Bella Primavera13030
24Kendall Wright Castelo103030
25Camryn Rodriguez102929
26Angela Matthews12828
27Mariel Heinala1026.526.5
28Rachel Dalfonsi12626
29Maile Smith122.522.5
30Alexa Cango Ruiz102020
31Evelyn Williams117.517.5
32Sadie Campbell108.58.5

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

Thank you sponsors!