Equitation, Riders 12 - 14

Year end awards sponsored by

These points may not be accurate yet, please hold your horses until we sort out our numbers!

1Bella Primavera6285.570355.5
2Emma Borders4312312
3Sophia Silveira5256256
4Elisa Broz6254.5254.5
5Emilie Bell7204.5204.5
6Rachel Haas4146.547193.5
7Skyler Allen4146.533179.5
8Alexa Leong4178178
9Presley Orzen1143143
10Caroline Burke4141.5141.5
11Grace Belmont5128128
12Nina Wade3123123
13Danielle Vahdat5119119
14Olivia Simon4116116
15Juliette Palacios35651.5107.5
16Avery Glynn3105105
17Alexandria Baker393.593.5
18Sonia Agarwal387.587.5
19Abigail Boyer384.584.5
20Sarah Taylor38484
21Elena Haas38181
22Sophia Kivman27676
23Katie Kehring27474
24Isabella Thibault27171
25Elizabeth Church242.52870.5
27Mackensie Park26969
28Karina Wade36161
29Sydney Trainor252.552.5
30Zoe Brown15151
31Imani Mackani29.54150.5
32Emily Mansfield14343
33Sydney Allen14242
34Lily Larson24141
35Piper Budrow13838
36Clara Bonomi13535
37Evelyn Williams23535
38Ally Dimitrov133.533.5
39Julia Clark23232
40Aya Clear/AKM Concept LLC13232
41Maddie Hale128.528.5
42Frances Park-Steskal127.527.5
43Grace Gerberry12727
44Sylvia Martin12626
45Isabel Lopes125.525.5
46Paulina Andreu1023.523.5
47Laynie Sheehan12121
48Annie Ashton11717
49Alexandra Lipacis101616
50Juliette Bernard115.515.5
51Quinn Durbin101111

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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