Equitation, Riders 12 - 14

Year end awards sponsored by

These points may not be accurate yet, please hold your horses until we sort out our numbers!

1Emilie Bell/ Cloche Farms LLC36551.5116.5
2Elisa Broz2106106
3Ryley Ferguson37132103
4Sadie Willoughby41114343291
5Alice Baker2175067
6Ashley Young2332962
7Sydney Allen26060
8Talise Baker-Matsuoka2243357
9Elizabeth Church104747
10Danielle Vahdat221.52546.5
11Emma Borders104444
12Zoe Brown104040
13Quinn Durbin1034.534.5
14Carmen Gonzalez2027.5633.5
15Bella Primavera13030
16Blair Conlan103030
17Angela Matthews102828
18Rachel Dalfonsi12626
19Gracey Hensley12424
20Maile Smith1022.522.5

* Only the top 10 shows will be counted.

Please report any issues with points as shown here.

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