Matt Archer

2nd Vice President

Phone number: 
Committee member:  Publicity, Medal Finals

For the past 13 years, I have owned and operated Shady Lane Farm, LLC with my wife Lindsay Archer. Our client base ranges from beginners in the entry level hunters up through juniors who have competed at the Young Rider Finals. We are invested in not only bringing along young riders, but we are also committed to the development of quality young horses here on the West Coast. As managers of our own farm, we are familiar with all aspects of the industry from purchasing hay, managing employees and overseeing veterinary care.

What would you like to contribute as a NorCal board member? 
I would like to work towards creating a horse show environment in Northern California that promotes the interest of horse and rider. Furthermore, I would like to focus on continuing the progress of programs that are already in place within the organization and potentially help to create new programs.
How do you think NorCal can best fulfill the needs of its membership? 
The Norcal Organization needs to stay focused on the horses first and foremost and secondly on the exhibitor. The cost of our sport has gotten so extreme that the board must begin to work towards keeping the sport more accessible to everyday Californians. Only then will we maintain a viable future for our sport.

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