Kelly Maddox

Phone number: 
Committee member:  Banquet, Medal Finals

I currently manage a large Hunter/Jumper/Equitation business.  This business includes an Interscholastic Equestrian Team of about 24 riders, manages several schooling shows (Tri-Valley Classics) and has a show team that travels across California.  I have been in business at Shiloh West Equestrian for over 15 years and have a special place in my heart for NorCal and its membership.  As a junior rider over 30 years ago, I rode in Northern California and received several NorCal Awards.  

What would you like to contribute as a NorCal board member? 
I would love to find ways to create a more cost effective show. I have been to Europe and shown in Southern California through OCHSA and would love to incorporate some ideas from those experiences.
How do you think NorCal can best fulfill the needs of its membership? 
Increasing its membership by finding a more cost effective way to show.

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