Jennifer House

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Committee chair:  Eq Classic
Committee member:  Banquet, Medal Finals, Technology

I have a long and diverse set of work experiences: teacher (K-12), district office administrator; Hewlett-Packard - engineering and marketing management; Apple - marketing management in the education market; executive positions in three startups including CEO; and a member of several boards for both for-profit and non-profit entities. Currently I run a consulting business that focuses on education funding and policy.

I have also enjoyed a long and wonderful career in the horse industry.  Starting as a junior in Sacramento I enjoyed success in equitation showing in California.  But raising six children definitely cut any time for horses for many years. Once they were "launched" I returned as an adult amateur in the hunter world showing in California and Nevada as well as on the East Coast where we lived for some time.  As my husband and I wound down our careers, we went from high tech to low tech as we acquired a foreclosed riding facility in Woodlake, CA near Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks. We have loved restoring it and watching our beloved horses have new careers with a bevy of young riders working with trainers at our facility - Sequoia Hills Stables.

Finally, this year I helped initiate a new series of schooling shows - the Central Valley Hunter/Jumper Miniseries - to provide local opportunities for new riders to hone their skills.  Hopefully this will lead a new wave of riders to become NorCal members!

What would you like to contribute as a NorCal board member? 
I would bring to the board experience gained on other boards in growing membership, enhancing value-added services, listening to our members to ensure our efforts are meeting their riding goals, and ensuring the organization is fiscally sustainable. In addition, having worked in high tech as well as owning an equestrian facility, I bring an interesting set of skills that may benefit the NorCal board: marketing, education, policy development and leadership. Also as a resident of Central California I would represent the members of this region and their needs.
How do you think NorCal can best fulfill the needs of its membership? 
NorCal must always assess if it is still meeting its members' needs. It is important to keep apprised of what is working, what needs improvement, and what is no longer viable in today's busy world. We need to focus on the few best ways we can serve our members and provide high quality services that encourage excellence in riding, horse care and showing. We need to offer education that helps our members stay current on techniques, the horse business, policies and industry news. Of course our shows and special classes continue to be a high priority which encourage excellence at all levels of riding. And finally a very important responsibility of NorCal is to build on the networking within this incredible community to share best practices.

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