Currie Geffken

Committee member:  Fundraising

For the past 3 and half years I have worked alongside Nicole Bloom at Round Meadow Farm. Our students range from the beginner through National medal finals as well as Young Riders. Prior to Round Meadow Farm, I worked for Sandhaven farms and even before that lived in Belgium working for Neil Jones.

What would you like to contribute as a NorCal board member? 
I want to share an open mind and hard working attitude to carry out tasks that we, as a board and team, feel are of the utmost value and importance for the growth and best of the Norcal community.
How do you think NorCal can best fulfill the needs of its membership? 
Possibly a broad answer, however I truly feel the members are best served by the board applying their depth, knowledge and experience to bridge the gap from discussion to actual action on current issues facing the community. And may the board guide this focused action by the values of the organization, the welfare of the horse, education of rider/member and longevity of the sport.

Thank you sponsors!